Sprouts: Mobile App Coupon $5 off $30 purchase – Today Only

Are you a Sprouts fan? I am, I love that store. I mean LOVE them. If you have never been to Sprouts, and you have one near you, this is a great weekend to check them out. Download their mobile app, and sign in. There you will see a coupon for $5 off a $30 purchase. “Clip” that coupon and head on over to Sprouts. They are having one of their 72 hour event sales, and 2 of my favorite items are part of that sale. Their thick cut bacon is just $2.99/lb and they have Extra-Jumbo Shrimp for $5.99/lb. You can get to that $30 pretty quickly buying multiples of those 2 items.

The Shrimp is frozen – so you can store it in the freezer. With the bacon, I always buy multiple packs, then divvy up the slices into individual servings (2-3 slices) and then freeze them. Bacon freezes very well. And this way I can just defrost a few slices for a BLT, etc. I usually buy 4 packs and that gets me through to the next sale. (The last time they had the bacon sale was early Nov 2017).