Kroger: Nestea Bottle 12 Pack For $1.99

Nestea 12 pack bottles are part of the mega sale at Kroger. Combine that with a coupon for $1 and you are looking at a really great price on iced tea.

Deal Details:
Get 1 Nestea Iced Tea 12 pk $3.99
Get 4 additional Mega Sale participating items
Use 1 – $1/1 Nestea Iced Tea coupon from 1/3 SS Insert
Grand Total $1.99 for 1 12 pack!

Target: Udis Steak Rice & Bean Burrito Just $0.50

If you are gluten free, then you are going to love this deal! Target has a cartwheel offer on Udi’s Steak Rice & Bean Burritos (just the flavor – other varieties do not quality). This combines nicely with an Udi printable coupon.

Deal Details
Get 1 – Udi’s Steak Rice & Bean Burrito $2.99 each
Use 50% off Udi’s Steak Rice & Bean Burrito – Target Cartwheel offer – Expires 4/2/16
Use 1 – $1/1 – Udi’s Gluten Free product
Grand Total $0.50

How To Freeze Eggs – An Easy Way To Save Money

With eggs so cheap this week, it’s a great time to do a quick how to on freezing eggs. For the longest time, I would freeze just the egg whites, I had no idea you could freeze all of the egg. You can’t freeze a “whole” egg, meaning stick the entire egg, shell and all in the freezer. (OK, well you could do that, but it won’t work 🙂 ).

Freezing eggs when they are cheap, not only saves you money (just a few months ago a carton of eggs were $3-$4! – now you can get them for $0.50 at Target), but you are also always have eggs on hand for baking etc. Basically, all you need to do is break the eggs into a measuring cup and then mix them up.

Here’s how you do it.
Crack the eggs into a mixing cup (the number of eggs doesn’t matter, do as many as you wish).

  • Gently mix them up. Try not to get any air mixed in.
  • Then pour the liquid into an ice cube tray (leave a little room of the top of each spot, because the eggs will expand when they freeze).
  • If this is the first time you are doing this.. make a note of the number of eggs you cracked divided by the number of spots in the ice cube tray filled. This will tell you how many “Cubes” equals 1 full egg. So for example if I did 4 eggs and filled 8 spots. 2 cubes equals 1 egg.
  • Freeze the egg / ice cube tray.
  • Once frozen, empty them out of the tray and store in a freezer container / bag. Make a note on the container how many cubes equals 1 eggs.

These eggs will keep a very long time, if you freeze enough, they should freeze long enough to get you through any price fluctuations. When eggs are $4.. I was soooo happy I had frozen a ton of eggs beforehand. I saved considerably.

Some people are weary of freezing the eggs because they do change in the consistency when they thaw. But for baking, french toast dipping, meatloaf, and even just scrambled eggs, they come out fine. Plus at $0.50 a dozen right now, it’s worth trying 🙂 You won’t regret it.

Walgreens: Almay Eye Shadow Softies For $0.99

This week you can score Almay Eye Shadow (the single Softies) for just $0.99. While you are there don’t forget to pick up some cheap eggs.

Deal Details
Get 1 – Almay Eye Shadow Softie $4.99 each
Use 1 – $4/1 Almay Cosmetic Product 4/10/16 SS Insert
Grand Total $0.99